Monica Brown Says She Will Never Blame The ‘Other Woman’ For A Man Ch-eating – Video

The bad faith of infidelity cuts deep. Not only are you confronted with the idea that you may not have been enough for your partner, but you have to deal with the reality that at some point, another woman was. This kind of deception is enough to make a woman angry angry, and sometimes, that anger can be directed at the wrong person.

We all remember when Shirley Brown made that dreadful call to Barbara in “Woman To Woman”, but according to Monica, Shirley’s beef is with the wrong person.

Earlier this week, she went live on Instagram and shared how she really feels about “The Other Woman”, and the “So Gone” singer did not bite her tongue. On a live video with her friend and musical counterpart, Tank, Monica explained: While in the past, she was ready to any woman any of her exes had been unfaithful with, now she thinks that way of thinking was crazy as h-l.

According to Monica, it was never up to Barbara, Shirley or any other woman to keep a man in check and it’s really not up to you either. A man’s job is to protect and provide for his household and by committing infidelity, he’s really failing in both departments. Monica says instead of running up on the other woman, it may be time to re-evaluate your own relationship standards:

She went on to say that it’s important to remember that a man’s infidelity is never a reflection of how he feels about you, but more about how he feels about himself.


Rhondawhy do men come with that BS about whats “natural” for a excuse.

you also should naturally be mature, honest and responsible in anything that you do!

Stephanie KrisI’ve said this and felt this way since I was like 16. I’m not about to be fi-ng this woman because of my man. I want a few answers from her so I can deal with him! He’s the one whom allowed all of what occurred, occur. I’m not saying she wasn’t wrong but my issue is ultimately with him, the person in which I made a commitment and/or vows to.

DevinenergyFirst let me began by saying, Tank is gorgeous!! The mistake is calling somebody YOUR somebody! Women need to stop with this ownership mess and realize that none of us have the ownership rights of another individual. If people want to leave and be with someone else, it is well within their rights to do so and another person for their right to decide is nothing more than crazy!!

BlkDiamondG1 100% agree with ‘who’s ultimately at fault’ in a cheating situation, Monica! I have NEVER understood someone taking it out on the other person, when the focus needs to be on the significant other! Love you girl!

Belinda DuhonKeep your head up Monica you and your children are in my prays you are search a strong woman love you


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