Waitress Tells Customer Her Son’s Name Not Knowing He’d Come Back To Change Her Life – Video

Hannah a mother of a kid is an expecting mother who is working at Waffle House. Hannah is a hardworking woman who is ready to make sacrifice for the sake of her kids. Hannah is expecting her second child, she is obviously going through hormonal changes, mood swings, body cramps and carrying weight of her child.

But she is still working at place where she is on her feet most of the time, preparing food and serving the guests all through the day.

Hannah had decided that when her child is born, she would name the name the child a Samuel. Little did she know that soon someone would will come to her and help her out in big way. Hannah was not making enough to meet ends and during these tough times, having a job was an important thing for her. One day while Hannah was serving, Pastor Eusebio Phelps came to the Waffle House together with his family. When Hannah served them, Phelps noticed that even though Hannah is expecting, she is working in such a tedious job. He was touched and impressed by Hannah’s hardworking attitude.

Phelps started talking to Hannah and he realized that his meeting with was not a coincidence. There was some reason behind their experience. Phelps told FOX5 Atlanta “She was just so kind and she was so pleasant. She was a sweetheart and that just touched my heart.” When Pastor got in conversation with Hannah he found that she was having hard times to meet the ends. He felt that he should do something for her and help her. Pastor and his wife decided to leave some tip for Hannah.

Pastor Phelps felt there something more that connects him and his wife with Hannah. But he ould not figure out how they were connected with Hannah. Phelps asked Hannah what name had she decided for her second child. Hannah told him, she would call her second child “Samuel.” And that’s when Eusebio knew that what the connection between them was. Bishop and his wife lost their son seven years ago and their son’s name was Samuel. When they met Hannah it was almost the same time of Samuel’s anniversary.

Pastor thought this could not be a coincidence. He knew that there was a reason why God made him and Hannah meet. And that’s when he decided to help Hannah out.

Pastor decided to raise a fund for Hannah. He wanted to do this for the sake of their son Samuel and Hannah son Samuel. He posted on his social media page about his plan, so that his followers could donate. Pastor set the goal to raise $1,000 for Hannah. With help of the local community, followers he was able to rise $12, 000 for Hannah. Hannah was in for a huge surprise. She didn’t knew that Pastor and his wife had planned something for her. She said “I was asleep in the car and my mother-in-law called said ‘you have got to get down to the Waffle House now’”

When Hannah reached the Waffle House she realized that the family she had served a few days ago has done so much for her. Hannah was filled with emotions. She now had the help that she needed in these tough times. She thanked Phelps for helping her out in her difficult times. Hannah said “Lately I have been praying just because I’ve been really stressing lately. I’m like, dang I want a place to live before this baby gets here.” Phelps not only Hannah with the fund raiser money but also arranged for Day Care for Hannah’s children at New Faith Early learning Center. Watch the video below

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  1. It costs nothing to be kind. I absolutely loved this story. God bless both parties.

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