Good Samaritan Helped 70 Homeless People Stay In Hotel During Winter Storm – Video

When Chicago experienced the coldest temperature that beat Antarctica, every Chicagoan went under their roof and made themselves warmer under the blankets while watching TV. But One kind-hearted woman thought about the Homeless People. That Changed this horrifying winter for 122 of them and saved their lives. At first, this woman remained in the shadows and let her good deeds make sound, but later this act started to speak louder; everyone needs to know the person behind it.

And people have been starting to believe it was from the Wealthy benefactor or Powerful person(they starts to imagine Bruce Wayne).

Then she decided to step into the light so people would understand these actions can get done by anyone with a kind heart. And She is Candice Payne. In a way, she addresses “Working Black Woman”. On that Cold day, She took her phone and tried calling many Hotels to book twenty rooms for the Homeless. But No one wanted the homeless inside their hotel. They worried about their reputation more than those lives. Finally, the Amber Inn hotel, located in the Bronzeville neighborhood, accepts to help them without hesitation.

But Candice now needs to transport the homeless to the hotels on that winter day. Candice knew that homeless people try to live near Roosevelt Road and Des Plaines Avenue. She saw them mostly every day while Driving through Dan Ryan Expressway. She offered a ride for them who were trying to fi-ght against -29C under nothing but the tent. When she knew there were more people to help than she thought, She raised Post on Social Media about the situation, which made many people acknowledge and run forward to help. Candice saw that many people were waiting to find a way to help. So she opened the Non- Profit account, “GoFundMePage”.

Thousands of people contributed together to raise about 28,000 dollars which helped them provide more than shelter to Homeless people. Candice and her compassionate apprentices helped 122 homeless in the end. And needless to say, there are old, pregnant women, children, in-jured, and the disabled are in them. At first, it all started with one-day shelter bargaining, which ended up with Seven days and night and a lot more to help them pull through and turn the corner with all of the support from the people.

After this proud incident, Ellen DeGeneres invited Candice to her show. And she presented Two 25,000 dollars checks from Walmart since she bought many of her items for the homeless in Walmart. They heard about her actions and came forward to help her. Candice told Ellen in the interview that She started a nonprofit account called “Action For a Cause Now” a few years back, she did not find what to do with that. Now that she came through all of it, she found her purpose and plans to help construct multi-unit housing for the homeless since she already experienced Real Estate.

She continued explaining to Ellen that people are often misguided to believe that Homeless people are lazy and stupid. But they are homeless because they lived a tough life that anyone can get to know when they hear the Personal Stories of the Homeless. She wanted people to consider that most of us are only one paycheck away from becoming homeless. So quit being so hasty about prejudging them and learn to be kind and wonderful like Candice living her life to be. “I didn’t do this for any reason other than to help, but I’m glad it’s raised awareness and gives me a platform to help the homeless on a larger scale,” Candice Payne

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