Officer Pulls Struggling Father Over – Has The Best Response When He Hears His Touching Story – Video

Lavonte Bell got pulled over by the Young officer, Joshua Scaglione, in Westland, Michigan. Bell was surprised to seek him for what happened next. Lavonte was on his weekday commute while he got pulled over by the young and rookie officer. Lavonte agreed later that he believed something unfortunate was happening to him when Officer asked him to step out of his car for the complete contravention.

Got to say, Lavonte was a father of a 3-year-old daughter, who was in the car with him, but she was not in the car seat. And Officer Scaglione pulled him for this contravention and listened to him for a reason. The young dad got teared up while explaining to Officer Scaglione about his side that he did not afford a proper car seat for Lauren, his child. Safe Kids Worldwide reports that secured car seats can reduce the risk of life loss by as much as 71 percent.

Knowing this, Officer Scaglione can give him a ticket and have him scowl with negative reinforcement. The data shows around 77 tickets given out for the family has children less than four years old for not having proper seats. But Scaglione decided to let this slide and asked Lavonte to come with him. “So I said, ‘Hey, could you follow me to Walmart?’ and he was a little sh-ocked and asked me, ‘For what?’ I told him I’d be more than happy to buy the car seat for him.”

They both arrived at Walmart. The Young Officer brought them a proper car seat and helped him be responsible. “I’ve been in a tough situation like this guy before. I figured it’d be better to help him out and raise more awareness about car safety rather than give him a ticket that would dig him deeper in a hole and make things worse for him,” After this morning incident, Lavonte Bell realized that he did not pick up the name of the officer or badge number.

Lavonte wants to properly thank the Officer for his compassion, deep from the heart.

So he posted online about what happened to him that day. And the post went viral with over 15,000 likes, 5,000 shares, and over a thousand inspired comments too soon after that. It reached the ears of the Scaglione, who admitted what he had done for him. And he had not considered it a part of something to be proud of cause he believes it was how humans are supposed to be. People like Joshua are not so hard to find in the world where they do everything they can by their power to bring positive change to the world. Being kind and being a hopeful example is what Joshua Lavonte makes me think while writing this.

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