Dad Shows Remarkable Compassion To Distraught Driver Who Hit His Daughter. – Video

THUD! The driver smashed the child with his car that ran to pick up the ball in the streets of Brazil. The child is less severely wound and rushed to the hospital. Everyone is praying for her at the time, hoping that she returns as normal as before. But the one person is sad, broken into tears in front of everyone, which is the driver itself.

He can’t suppress his emotions; specifically, the guilt is pulsing inside his every nerve.

He is melting down with tears and is barely able to speak anything. And the only person who can pull him out of his meltdown rightly gave his shoulder at that moment which amazes everyone! Haghatta was smashed by the car while she was playing. Everyone around got so worried and rushed to treat her as an emergency. And the driver who h-t her had an emotional breakdown because of his guilt. And Haghatta’s father unexpectedly comforted the man. He asked the driver to stop worrying and promised him holding his face; everything would be alright.

This particular Video made everyone think about their character while looking at the brave and genuine person, Hagatta’s father. It had shot by someone on the streets and posted on Social Media that went Viral. Everyone watched Hagatta’s father and admired that he consolidated the driver from his misery even though being the suffer father. The confidence he has over that his daughter would be alright. And he has shown the extraordinary development of emotional intelligence by confronting the driver’s guilt and making him feel hopeful. Daughter Haghatta got better and back to normal after a week.

The family even invited the driver to dinner and made him know that there were no hard feelings. And let him feel the life of Hagatta around him to settle his feelings. Haghatta’s father is so thoughtful and had to get marked as uplooking. The driver indeed had to be careful but consolidating the equal human from devastation is the one character trait; that everyone should admire and follow.

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