‘I Noticed A Young Black Boy Walking Into Our Yard. Something Was Strange. Then, I Realized He Had His Hands Up.’: Man Urges ‘We Need To Do Better’ After Hea-rtbreaking Encounter With Boy

The couple found a Young boy of color coming inside their yard. They felt very disturbed after what he did. They realized from his actions that how the power balance between the communities affected the younger ones. If you ever experienced trying to play with a baby, but the baby cry and hides away from you? Hurts, Isn’t it? We try to let our guard down and try to act so compassionately to brighten someone’s life peacefully, but realizing our zero sense of power can still close the one we want to spread our peace with is so surprisingly painful.

But it is more of the truth that you have to be better at considering your privileges and creating a healthy society.

The Couples faced the same part of feelings. It was a bright day when they were chillin’ around in a mood to hear music. They saw a boy of color entering their yard silently. To make a clear picture: he is a boy from the neighborhood who tried to pick a ball that rolled over to the nearby yard. The couple already realized and decided to let them have their fun silently. But the action of the boy made them stunned. He raised his arms over his head like he was unarmed. He was defending himself from getting sh-ot from the neighborhood of a privileged community.

To know that a 10-year-old child can think of him as one who would get sh-ot for trespassing while playing ball is so unbearable.

The couple has a daughter who is just two years younger than the boy from the backyard is raising with no moment that could make her bear this pattern of thoughts. The level of differences is too high that disturbs this couple. They wanted to share this over social media.

In the post, they asked everyone to be more kind that brings a difference. And to love everyone with all of their heart and let their compassion reach beyond their comfort zones. They also want everyone to have a shared ambition of creating a world where the little kid of color across the street can get his ball with his hands down. ” My daughter, just a couple of years younger than this little fella, is afraid of bees. He’s afraid a white man might hurt him. That can’t be our norm. For the love of all that is decent and right, it can’t.”

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