UPS Driver Notices Kid Isn’t Getting Any Packages And Makes A Special Delivery – Video

Langston, a young little boy, often waits on his balcony and watches over the delivery guy, Hector bringing parcels to his neighborhood. Due to the recent pan-dem-ic situation, many people shop through online portals and receive their necessities at their homes.

Hector Velasco is a UPS delivery guy who delivers parcels to people near Langston’s home. For Langston, Hector is like a Santa Claus who would bring parcels for so many people. He always gets joyful seeing Hector bringing the deliveries. Although Hector is most of the time busy making the deliveries to the customers, he had seen Langston watching him from the balcony. For Langston, watching Hector was becoming his favorite activity.

Langston used to wait that someday soon, he too would get a parcel delivered by Hector. But for Langston, there used to be no parcels. Hector had seen the sadness in Langston’s eyes. And he thought that he would give Langston a surprise. Hector Velasco is a father of two daughters and he felt he should bring a smile to Langston’s face too.

Hector told ABC7 “I came right up to your neighbors and he’s like ‘I want one too!’ I felt like I couldn’t do anything at the time, but I’m like you know what, let me see if I can try to brighten his day, you know what I mean,”

Hector told Langston that while this time he does not have anything for him, he will get something for him next time. Hector thought that he must do something for Langston and make his day. And then one day, Hector left a note for Langston’s parents Brooke and Sam Walbuck. The note read, “Hi, this is Hector, your UPS driver. I have seen your son plenty of times on the balcony and he seems very sad that he doesn’t get any packages.”

The next day, Langston was as usual in his balcony waiting to watch Hector bring deliveries to the neighborhood.

And that’s when he saw Hector coming up to his home. Hector was looking at Langston while climbing the stairs. Langston got up and before he could realize it, Hector gave him a parcel.

The parcel was a box full of candies and toys. Langston was excited to get the parcel. Langston’s parents captured the moments on their camera. Langston said, “It made me feel special.” Brooke and Sam asked Hector for the reason behind his kind gesture. Hector said “The world didn’t give my wife and me any boys. Gave us two beautiful girls. And I’ve had the cars in my collection but you got to let them go sometimes and I felt like today was the day.”

Langston and his parents felt the love that was shoved on Langston by the UPS driver. Sam said, “For him to be that busy and still be that thoughtful, it just says a lot, for him as a person and as a dad.”

Brooke posted the video and story of Hector and Langston on social media. The post went viral immediately. After the pleasant surprise from Hector, Langston too wanted to surprise his new buddy. Langston and his parents got gifts for Hector’s daughters. Even during these hard times, what matters most is the kindness that people can share.

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