After Grandma Accidentally Dialed Wrong Number, She Sparked Unlikely Friendship When Woman Needed It Most

Margaret, an old lady back in October 2017, made an attempt to send a voicemail to her grandson but fortuitously dialed a wrong number and after a series of phone calls, unanticipatedly she made a new friend. October 2017 grandma named Margaret wrong dial the number thinking the number belongs to her grandson, Barry. When the dialed number went unanswered she sent a voicemail asking her grandson, Barry to bring his pants to her so that she could fix them up for him.

As the dialed number was not of her grandson, the number to home she called Callie Hall, called grandma back after receiving the voicemail to inform her she had the wrong number. Although after correction was made by Callie to grandma, still Margaret continued to send voicemail to Callie and over the couple of months, her misdialed became more frequent and familiar to Callie.

It didn’t take much time for both of them to become friends, sooner they started calling each other to share and chat. Callie’s parents were going through di-vorce and she needed someone to share her feelings with. Margaret appeared as a positive person to her in difficult times. Callie appreciated Margaret talking to.

Finally after communicating for one year over phone calls, Callie Hall decided to pay a visit to Grandma Margaret in person in 2018. Callie Hall mentioned to Love What Matters “This wonderful lady is just as wonderful as she is on the phone.” She further added that “She wants everyone to be happy and does whatever she can to bring joy to her and everyone’s life.”

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