Brave Young Man Steps In For Great-Great-Grandmother And It Cost Him His L-ife – Video

84-year-old Betty Walsh, a great-great-grandmother, is still alive. And it’s all because of 20-year-old Ali Abucar Ali’s sacrifice. Betty Walsh has lived in Brentford of West London for most of her life. Her daughter, Bridget, says she’s been “the rock” of the family after raising 3 sons and 3 daughters all on her own following the loss of her husband.

Betty, affectionately called “Betty Boo” by many who love her, has been blessed with 10 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren, and one great-great-granddaughter. And after a distress encounter with a knife man, this great-great-grandmother is still alive because of a brave young man who came to her aid.

Betty Walsh was well-known in her neighborhood. And at 84 years old, she still regularly popped about town. “Everyone knew mum,” Bridget explained. “She was lively and fit, she walked every day and was a strong woman and went out shopping a lot – she wasn’t frail at all.” One evening, Betty stopped in at a local restaurant to pick up her dinner. And while there, for reasons unknown, a man with a knife charge her. Before Betty Walsh even knew what was happening, the assailant punched her. The 84-year-old fell to the ground and the striker impale her.

Things would have probably gotten even worse and this great-great-grandmother likely wouldn’t still be alive if not for the intervention of Ali Abucar Ali.

20-year-old Ali stepped in when he saw Betty in peril. “Ali went up and asked what all the commotion was about, challenged her striker, and tried to help her,” Bridget said. “What happened to him next was a tragedy.” Because of Ali’s sacrifice, Betty Walsh made it through the charge. After doctors performed a kidney operation, she moved out of “critical” condition and is fully expected to recover. And while Betty’s family is so grateful the great-great-grandmother is still alive, their hearts ache to know Ali didn’t share the same outcome.

“I knew him and his mother. They are a very good family,” Bridget said. “His mother had rushed to comfort me as soon as she heard about what happened to mum, before the cop phoned her and told her the sad news that her son had so sadly been impale. Ali was a really hardworking, good lad who had recently won a scholarship.” Indeed, many from the community stepped up to hail Ali Abucar Ali as a hero for keeping this great-great-grandmother alive. Many gathered to hold a vigil in his honor.

“I never knew Ali, but from what I understand if he had not rushed to help poor Betty she probably would have lost her life with immediate effect,” commented local resident Laura Williams. “He stopped in a difficult situation and performed a selfless act for which he paid the ultimate price.” “Ali was the humblest guy, he always had a smile on his face,” one of the 20-year-old’s friends said. “I’m not surprised he tried to help, he is a very kind-hearted man.”

A close friend of Ali’s mother advised mourners, “The best way to honour Ali is act like him, be selfless and kind.” Our hearts and prayers go out to the shed tears family of Ali Abucar Ali. What a brave young man and an incredible example of self-sacrifice!


Olubusayo IgbekelePlease print the young man’s name BOLDLY! The young man is a NATIONAL HERO! What a sentiment. Posthumous honours. This is what they should be for.

This young man is a credit to himself, his family and THIS NATION.

Elsie Quattlebaum Welling-SwitzerGod bless his soul and his family and the woman he saved. Amen

Dawn ParkA brave young man who did the right thing ! Sorry for the world and his family and friends .

June RoppoloGod bless this young man prayers for his family

Deborah GeeGod’s blessings and prayers for his family . So very sorry for your great loss.

Bart HeadrickGod Bless this young hero. He should never be forgotten and held up as an example to us all!

Janet Kimball CusackHe gave his life because he loved and shared that love for her. God has his soul and he is resting with the Lord


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