Couple Adopts Four Children After Profound Loss And Gets Amazing Kindness Returned – Video

A young woman brought her fourth child into this world, and she couldn’t be happier. With her three elder children around her, she felt that her family was complete. But then tr-agedy st-ruck. “(Nurses) kept coming in saying ‘She’ll be back in about fifteen minutes’ and that happened about three times,” Sherri Brown told KMOV.

When the nurse came in for the last time, asking them to sign papers, her children knew that their mother was not coming back again. The woman’s brother, Bryndon, was also there, by her side, trying to comfort her during that hard time, and also taking care of her children. Right next to him, his fiance, Chloe, who has always loved Bryndon’s family and been there for them.

When, eventually, Bryndon’s sister leave this world, the man knew that it was him who had to take in the children and bring them up as if they were his own boys. But he also wanted to make sure Chloe would feel good about this decision. “He said ‘I know you didn’t sign up for this’,” Sherri, Chloe’s mother said. “And Chloe said: ‘Of course I did. This is family.’ The first time that I’ve seen Chloe hold the baby, it was just a very nice feeling of looking at my daughter and she looks at this baby and I could tell she was thinking ‘This is my child now’”.

Indeed, everyone knew that the boys loved their uncle and his fiance and they wouldn’t want to be with anyone else after their mom’s passing. But it wasn’t easy to get guardianship of the children. For this reason, Chloe and Bryndon got married in secret in order to have all the paperwork they needed to take the boys home. When everything was settled, the boys were officially adopted and ready to start a new life with their new guardian angels. But life is hard, and Bryndon knows this more than anyone.

As he has told Chloe’s father before, there have been times in the past when his family was homeless, and he didn’t want the same to happen to these kids, too. So, Bryndon and Chloe’s friends took the initiative to start a GoFundMe to raise money for this family and make sure they will be able to provide for these children everything they need.

But the surprises don’t stop there. KMOV4’s Surprise Squad prepared a series of gifts for the family of six, and made them all happy. First, they offered them the diapers they will need for a whole year, as well as they had numerous Christmas gifts for the children, who just couldn’t believe how lucky they were! But, most importantly, they fixed their home’s roof, which had been a major issue and had been making them anxious all that time. They also received a year of free groceries.

On top of everything, the Squad raised $5,000 for their GoFundMe page, hoping the money would help the family save for a new car and all the stuff they will now need as a large family. Bryndon, Chloe, and the boys couldn’t hold back their tears as they found out about all the surprises.


Sharon I know it’s been a while since this story was posted but the sadness a family feels never goes away. I just saw it and cried as though it just happened. I want to say may God give your family peace and blessing for many years to come.

Kennedy Bryndon and Chloe are true angels. Their parents have truly done an amazing job at raising people who are so willing to help others in need without even a second thought. And those boys are so lucky to have people who care for them so much after such a tr-agedy

Meli This is so sad because nothing can replace a mother but I’m so happy they didnt go into foster care and there uncle and his wife adopted them.

God bless them all!

Patience This story has blessed my day and brought me to tears. May GOD bless everyone that made this happen for this family. May the soul of there mother Rest In Peace.

Galleria Bay aaaww this whole story brought tears to my eyes, this is so beautiful. So sorry for the boys’ loss of their mother. So thankful for the uncle and his wife for stepping up and adopting the children and thank you for the squad cab for all the blessings to help this beautiful family out.


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