Shaq Spots Crying Boy In Middle Of Store And Drops Everything To Make His Day! – Video

It’s not unusual for a kid to get too rowdy in a store, but it’s not every day that Shaquille O’Neal is there to give them a lesson on the importance of listening to their parents.

Yet that’s exactly what happened to a basketball fan named Zion! When O’Neal noticed this sweet kid crying, he couldn’t help but ask what was wrong. After getting the details, he encouraged Zion to apologize and give his dad a hug. This alone would have earned O’Neal many thanks from Zion’s parents, but his kindness didn’t end there.

Even though Zion’s family was just planning on buying him a coat, O’Neal not only offered to buy him new shoes, but he also helped the boy find the perfect pair! During this unforgettable shopping trip, Zion even got the chance to show O’Neal videos of himself playing basketball, which earned him high praise from the superstar. Needless to say, Zion’s day was made! Watch Zion’s once in a lifetime opportunity in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story to make someone smile.


Joan Awesome! Thank you for taking the time to teach a young boy how to show the proper respect and affection to his parents but also for your generosity to the young boy! You really are a super star not only in sports but in your love of the young children!

Linda He is such a giving person. He taught Zion a lesson and then showed his generosity. What an awsome human being.

Gina Shaq is just such a decent man..He does a lot to help others and it is not staged It is who he is That little kid will have that memory forever and will keep those shoes, even when he long outgrows them.

Frances Thank You Shaq for the kindness you show to all, and a Giant Thank You for setting an example for people to follow..

You are Truly a Gentle Gaint sent from God!!! God Bless You and your Family Sir.. Ox

Wayne I finally figured out why Shaq is so damn big. He has to be to contain that heart of his, that heart is HUGE. Dr. O’Neil is definitely an amazing person.


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