19 Black Families Purchase 97 Acres Of Georgia Land To Build Safe Haven. ‘We Can Have Wakanda. We Just Have To Build It’. – Video

As the United States continues to grapple with ongoing ra-cial tensions that have never really been addressed, two women are taking matters into their own hands, coming up with the idea to launch an initiative to help create a city founded by Bl-ack families for Bl-ack families. Some 19 families and nearly 97 acres of land purchased later, the Freedom Georgia Initiative (which purchased the land back in August) is stepping closer to their goal as they hope to eventually incorporate the land purchased to form a new city, Freedom, Georgia, CNN reports.

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The idea came from real estate agent Ashely Scott and entrepreneur Renee Walters who had a distinct vision, as CNN notes. “Being able to create a community that is thriving, that is safe, that has agriculture and commercial businesses that are supporting one another and that dollars circulating in our community, that is our vision,” Scott said. Initially, the duo originally got caught up about the town of Toomsboro, Ga. being for sale in an ad that eventually went viral.

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“We both have Bl-ack husbands. We both have sons. And I was starting to get overwhelmed and have a sense of anxiety when my husband will leave the house to go to work,” Walters. “So, it was like, OK, what can we do? And once I saw the post of Toomsboro going viral, about a town being on sale, I was like, ‘Oh, this is perfect.’” As it turns out, that town isn’t actually for sale, so they found acreage just outside of the town in unincorporated Wilkinson Country. The rest is history.

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“Our vision is to develop our vast resource-rich 96.71 acres of land in Toomsboro, GA for the establishment of an innovative community for environmentally sustainable-living, health & wellness, agricultural & economic development, arts & culture for generations to come,” the Freedom Georgia Initiative’s homepage reads. “Our aim is to be a premier recreational, educational, and cultural destination for Bl-ack families across the African diaspora. We welcome you, your family, and all Bl-ack allies to support us in our vision to be the change we want to see!”

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That being said, for those who may question why they would want to create an all-Bl-ack city, Scott was quick to point out it is impossible to have an exclusively city, as their families are diverse. The city however will be 100% pro Bl-ack. “It’s impossible to have anything exclusively Bl-ack because our families are integrated,” says Scott. “We are an integrated, tolerant and diverse community even as people, so we don’t intend for it to be exclusively Bl-ack, but we do intend for it to be pro Bl-ack in every way.”


Bernadette Thank you for being innovative. Its important for our community to start working together for the greater good. This is a great prospect and may it come to full fruition. God bless you and your endeavors.

Mia I have been trying to get my friends and family on the same page to do something like this forever. I see I have to find like minded strangers. This is beyond awesome what these people are doing.

James CorbettMy family has over 100 acres of land. In north fl area live oak/lake city. We bought it as dirt and now have a thriving pallet business, sawmill, and farm. We are 22 years into the process meaning learning about how to build and etc.

Kayevinia great idea and coming together to create change,but I think they should of been secretive about it for protection,theirs crazy people in this world.but good luck anyways in God bless ur success.

Anna Ameeeeeeen glory be to God let’s gather and welcome all our African brothers and sisters, children, husbands and wives who are in the diaspora encouraging them for this great idea that they can also make Africa beautiful same or even more than where they live in the diaspora.

Africa must not remain thesame in Jesus mighty name Amen.

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