Meagan Good Shares His ‘Frustrating, Embarrassing’ Experience Of Being Questioned While Boarding First Class, Singer Lyfe Jennings And Others Share Similar Stories. – Video

Singer-songwriter Lyfe Jennings is blasting American Airlines after he claims he was asked multiple times on Friday, July 16, by a woman employee if he was supposed to be in first class. In his post, which was a video, you can hear a man, who is presumably an employee as well, tell Jennings “I just want to make sure there’s not going to be any issues.” Jennings responds, “Okay and this is the third time of me telling you no.” It was then that the man let Jennings board his plane.

He further ranted about the experience on the video as he began walking onto the plane to his seat.

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In his caption, he wrote out in detail what happened before and during the video. He wrote, “@americanair please please please repost!!! Sick of this sh-t!!! lady asked me 4 times did I know this was the 1st class line I told her yes everytime. She told me to stop and talk to her. I told her get the f-ck out my face, I told u I can read and I know what line this is. She say you’re not flying but ofcourse I get my ticket. Get to gate and this man is asking if I’m gonna have a problem on the aircraft cause heard I had a problem. I tell him no he ask me 3 more times w-tf???”

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The “Must Be Nice” singer then goes on to explain what transpired during the video. “Wasnt until I started recording that he let me get on the flight,” he said. “I don’t gotta answer no questions!!! It’s too early I paid for my ticket I can read! I can’t tell yall how many time a white man or white woman has asked me to step out of line to ask if im supposed to be flying first class.

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The 43-year-old ended his message with, “This sh-t is OVER!!!! DONT ASK ME SH-T! I PAID FOR MY FLIGHT I KNOW WHAT LINE IM IN GET THE F–KNESS GONE!! GO SPEND THAT MONEY! I don’t owe u sh-t @americanair I’m sooooooo sick of this cause I fly soo Much and this same sh-t always happens!! W-tf!!!!#frustrated f–king embarrassing all the white people in line and I KEEP getting stopped! Sh-t be dep-ressing.”

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Other Bl-ack celebrities came to Jennings’ defense and even expressed that they’ve had similar experiences when trying to travel by plane. “Stomp the Yard” actress Meagan Good wrote, “This has happened to me several times as well. Being reminded that ‘this is first class boarding the plane’ as if I jumped in the line early or was confused. Or being asked to show them my ticket after I’m already in my seat.” Gospel singer Tasha Cobbs wrote, “Just happened to me yesterday ‼️” Reginae Carter, the daughter of rapper Lil Wayne and reality TV star/author Toya Johnson, added, “Exactly why I don’t fly anything but delta ! Tuh.” American Airlines has yet to respond to Jennings’ claims.


Jeff MarzLet’s ALL PUT IN OUR OWN MONEY. All of us and recognize we have an enemy. American negro kwn th vibes

Melissa I was checking my bag once and an American Airlines employee asked if I was paying for my bag with food stamps.

Normie All of the Airlines are “acting crazy” and treating passengers poorly…Delta and United Airlines included ! You did the right thing. We have to confront them on every occasion and do not let any unprofessional flight attendant’s negative behavior go without being checked. They have to Stop being so Mean and Nasty !

Karim I personally apologize for the company I work for, this is not what we are supposed to be.

Jordan Happens to all kinds of people.. some ignorant people just think they are better than anyone

Douglas If this has happened to this many Bl-acks…I don’t get why you guys are still patronizing me them!!This is good to know, I’ll take my $$ elsewhere!!


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