Harry Extends A Hand To His Father. Following Prince William’s Invitation To A Family Gathering, King Charles

It’s unlikely that you haven’t heard about Queen Elizabeth’s passing if you haven’t been living under a huge rock for the past week or so. On Thursday of last week, news of the Queen’s passing first spread. She had been the subject of concerning claims throughout the day that she was ill, and the seriousness of the reports was proven when royals from around the UK and abroad started to go to the monarch’s Balmoral residence.

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15 different prime ministers served during Queen Elizabeth’s reign, from Winston Churchill to the recently appointed Liz Truss. Her Majesty will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most iconic figures in British history, if not the most. It goes without saying that the Oprah interview did a lot of damage to Harry’s relationship with his family, especially with his brother Prince William and his father, now-King Charles.

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Since then, relations between the parties have been chilly. Indeed, according to sources, when Harry arrived at Balmoral on the day of the Queen’s dying, his position as an outsider was only further cemented. He reportedly did not receive an invitation to the Thursday night meal with King Charles and Prince William and instead joined the rest of the family. But according to the same reports, there is now some hope that Harry can mend fences with his father and brother.

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It has long been rumoured that Harry might be able to rejoin the royal family in the event of his grandmother’s passing. It is unclear exactly what kind of role Charles would play going ahead, but he is certain to be aware of the strength of a monarchy free from division, conflict, and in-fighting.

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In any event, according to accounts, Harry extended an olive branch to King Charles while honouring his late grandmother. Although Harry and Charles haven’t spoken much recently — some stories imply that they haven’t spoken at all — it seems that efforts are being made to mend their rift.

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Harry made a commitment to remember his father in a statement posted on the website of the Archewell Foundation, which he and Meghan formed. “And as it comes to first meetings, we now respect my father in his new capacity as King Charles III,” the message said. Harry and Meghan have made it clear that they will remain in the UK until after the funeral, with preparations for it being well under way. This could imply that they decide to fly their two kids, Archie and Lilibet, and their maternal grandma Doria Ragland, across the Atlantic.


karen alecciaNice to see the Prince and Princes of Wales. God , protect and bless them and their children

Lee Lean – I feel so much respect for the crowd who were there for being so civil and know that it is not appropriate to ‘boo’ ( as much as some would probably like to ). So much respect to them for extending their cordial reception to the two undeserving renegade members of the family. The Brits lead the way!

Ms DuckieThe Prince & Princess Of Wales are doing their duty. They are head & shoulders above how other people choose to behave. Clearly Prince William is his grandmothers grandson & in the fullness of time, William & Catherine will make a marvellous King & Queen.
A class act all the way!

TrudyMy heart goes out to Charles…. Yes, he’s been groomed his entire life to one day be King but sadly enough at the expense of losing his Mom. To have to shoulder all of this and not have time to truly process the loss is quite a burden. I truly hope he gets some private time to be able to grieve…

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