15 Hottest Fitness Models To Follow On Instagram

We’ve featured the hottest Instagram models to follow in the past and had many requests for the hottest fitness models as well. So, we decided to get our team out and run through the hundreds of thousands of fitness model profiles we could find and rank them for you. With some help from fitnessinfluencer.com, here are the top 15 female fitness models to follow on Instagram!

1) Bruna Rangel Lima



Image Credit: Instagram

You won’t want to miss a single photo posted by Brazilian Bruna Rangel Lima! She most enjoys posing in steamy lingerie and loves documenting her time living in Los Angeles. Want to get a bod like hers? She also dishes out plenty of workout and nutrition tips!

2) Jena Frumes



Image Credit: Instagram

Want to keep up with the exciting life of an attractive socialite? Then you’ll love Jena Frume’s Instagram account. If her gorgeous looks weren’t enough, she also loves adventure and often surrounds herself with famous celebrities. Most recently, the successful fitness model posted a photo with her new beau, R&B singer Jason Derulo!

3) Guusje Van Geel



Image Credit: Instagram

Another Dutch hottie on our list, there isn’t a day where 21-year-old Guusje Van Geel isn’t in the gym. Unlike mainstream fitness models, Guusje is proud to sport a look that’s muscular and toned rather than aiming for a body that’s simply “pretty and thin.” With rockin’ abs, a perfectly sculpted body, and a killer smile, she’ll make a fresh addition to your Instagram feed.

4) Katie Crewe



Image Credit: Instagram

Katie Crewe has made a real impact in the mommy-fitness world! Although she was equally famous as a fitness model before her pregnancy, her account has recently been filled with workout routines that have helped her stay strong and toned while carrying her child.

Now that her baby has been born, she plans to continue to document her fitness regime as a new mother!

5) Robin Gallant



Image Credit: Instagram

A self-proclaimed “gym shark,” you’ll be happy to have this Canadian fitness star grace your Instagram feed. But don’t let her angelic looks fool you. Her dedication to maintaining a perfect bod has made her just as strong as she is beautiful!

6) Anita Herbert



Image Credit: Instagram

Anita Herbert is always up for a fitness challenge. She encourages her followers to participate in her ab, and leg challenges to add some friendly competition to their workout routines. She’ll really make you want to push yourself to get a perfectly sculpted physique just like hers!

7) Tammy Hembrow



Image Credit: Instagram

This stunning 23-year-old’s claim to Instagram stardom began when she documented her fitness journey throughout her first pregnancy. Now, the proud mother of two enjoys sharing her ever-evolving athletic goals and eating habits with fans. She also serves as a dedicated fitness mentor!

8) Alice Klomp



Image Credit: Instagram

At first glance, Alice Klomp might remind you of the beautiful girl-next-door. However, this 21-year-old American beauty is an extremely successful fitness model with a seriously rockin’ bod! Follow her to get a glimpse into her life as a flirty fitness fanatic.

9) Linn Lowes



Image Credit: Instagram

Linn Lowes is a proud can-cer survivor and licensed personal trainer. Her battle with Lymphoma in 2014 shed light on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, which has driven her to pursue her full-time fitness career. Her body is now in peak condition, and she absolutely loves showing it off!

10) Lisa



Image Credit: Instagram

Lisa is dedicated to transforming people’s lives through fitness. Her app, STRONG&SXY™, features tailored nutrition plans and easy, on-the-go workouts that can be completed anywhere! The undeniably trim fitness model exudes confidence and is ready to help you reach the body of your dreams.

11) Stefanie Williams



Image Credit: Instagram

You’ll love keeping up with the glamourous lifestyle of Stephanie “Stef” Williams. The London-based Instagram fitness model is often flitting around the city in the latest fashion trends. In addition to providing followers with great exercises, she also wows fans with her insanely perfect bod and unique adventures.

12) Johanna Oline Modin



Image Credit: Instagram

Fun, flirty, and fit, Johanna Oline Modin is an awesome fitness follow! She is simply radiant, and her bubbly personality has earned the Swedish sweetheart thousands of fans. Scroll through her feed to find some great motivation to hit the gym!

13) Krissy Cela



Image Credit: Instagram

Krissy Cela has so many fitness accomplishments under her belt. If creating her own Tone & Sculpt app and activewear brand weren’t enough, she’s also a published health author and serves as a sponsored athlete for Women’s Best. There’s really nothing she can’t do!

14) Sophie



Image Credit: Instagram

When you’re ready to get serious about your fitness goals, you should give Sophie a follow. Her hardcore workouts aren’t for the faint of heart—but you can trust that you’ll see some serious gains. Plus, her adorable dog Loíe makes some featured appearances on her Instagram account, which is always a fun surprise!

15) Chanel Coco Brown



Image Credit: Instagram

Lifestyle blogger and famous fitness model Chanel Coco Brown has dedicated her career to the fashion and cosmetic industry. She got her start as a commercial model in London, where she also appeared in numerous print ads, magazines, and runway shows. Now, her full-time commitment to health and fitness has led her to become an Instagram inspiration!

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