4 Body Positivity Influencers That Remind You To LOVE Your Body

Sometimes, it gets challenging to love your body. The main secret is to accept it for what it is. You should respect the temple you live in. That is your body! Accepting and respecting your body are two different things. However, it all starts with acceptance.

Many body positivity influencers keep reminding all women to respect, love, and honor their bodies.

Viral Strange will feature 4 influencers that will change your mind and motivate you to love your body more!

1. Sarah Nicole Laundry

Image credit: @thebirdspapaya

Sarah always shares her mentality regarding body changes after having a kid. She is a writer and advocate for body confidence.

Image credit: @thebirdspapaya

Sarah regularly posts about her experience and believes that what her mirror frankly reflects is a friend, lover, dreamer, and whatever she likes.

2. Mik Zazon

Image credit: @mikzazon

Mik is a speaker, blogger, social media influencer, and virtual health coach. She has suffered from eating disorders. She constantly encourages women to accept their bodies as they are.

Image credit: @mikzazon

Mik often posts on her Instagram about her journey to love her own skin. Also, she recommends products in the health/fitness industry.

3. Tiffany Ima

Image credit: @tiffanyima

Tiffany struggled with her body image for years. She used to see working out as a way to lose weight, but when she changed her perspective, her life changed too.

Image credit: @tiffanyima

Tiffany uses her social media to motivate other people to see things differently. She gives many tips on getting rid of body shame and being confident.

4. Remi Bader

Image credit: @remibader

Remi Bader is a well-known TikToker. She is a model and keeps convincing brands to be more inclusive in their size policies.

Image credit: @remibader

Her page is full of education on how to enhance self-confidence, give mental health support, and more.

Do you accept and love your body? What is the biggest challenge you face? Tell us in the comments.


Ingrid – I like body neutrality. Like, this my flesh bag and it’s not what matters. But if body positivity helps others, more power to em!

Shannon Whaley – thank you for speaking on this. So important and a great reminder!!

Ronnie Johnson – Thank you for acknowledging this and you worded it perfectly. It’s nice to see someone acknowledging the difference and not trying to take away from the movement.

Helen – You remind me so often to stop, remember, feel how I am from the inside, and love myself as I am.

Meggie – You have so much wisdom and I feel like I recognize a kindred soul in this post.

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